Vibrational spectroscopy for identification of metabolites in biologic samples

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Vibrational spectroscopy (mid-infrared (IR) and Raman) and its fingerprinting capabilities offer rapid, high-throughput, and non-destructive analysis of a wide range of sample types producing a characteristic chemical “fingerprint” with a unique signature profile. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and an array of mass spectrometry (MS) techniques provide selectivity and specificity for screening metabolites, but demand costly instrumentation, complex sample pretreatment, are labor-intensive, require well-trained technicians to operate the instrumentation, and are less amenable for implementation in clinics. The potential for vibration spectroscopy techniques to be brought to the bedside gives hope for huge cost savings and potential revolutionary advances in diagnostics in the clinic. We discuss the utilization of current vibrational spectroscopy methodologies on biologic samples as an avenue towards rapid cost saving diagnostics.