A metastatic distal-type epithelioid sarcoma: Case report and review

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Introduction: Epithelioid sarcoma is known as one of the rarest types of sarcomas and was identified as its own diagnosis by Dr. Franz Enzinger in 1970 after his realization of its massive overlap with many other diseases. This tumor has an aggressive clinical course with high recurrence and metastasis rates. Presentation of case: This report will detail the case of a 39-year-old male who was diagnosed with Epithelioid Sarcoma and later succumbed to this disease. Discussion: This report will emphasize epithelioid sarcoma morphology and immunohistochemistry with discussions on predisposition, prognostic factors, and current options for treatment modalities. Conclusion: Future studies are needed to determine clear predisposition and screening practices; however modern pharmaceuticals have shown hopes of optimizing the course of this cancer.