Using gamification to teach and engage students in the act of summary writing

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This study uses the concept of gamification to engage first-year students in the act of summary writing. The researcher argues that writing instructors should consider ways to gamify concepts in their curriculum to bring novelty and active involvement to course materials. The researcher uses Robson et al.'s (2015) mechanics, dynamics, and emotions framework and Groh's (2012) principles of relatedness, competence, and autonomy to explain and justify the integration of gamification to the summary genre. Of the typical gaming elements used in gamification, the researcher relies on the uses of digital badges as a motivator and as a sign of credentials for students. Using data from 17 students, 88.2% strived to earn the badges. The survey revealed that 64.7% found the use of badges to be one of the driving forces behind their understanding of the summary conventions, and 47% believed the use of gamification helped them write better summaries overall.