Remote Learning of COVID-19 Kinetic Analysis in a Physical Chemistry Laboratory Class

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many in-person laboratory courses across the world. The viral spreading model is complicated but parameters, such as its reproduction number, Rt, can be estimated with the susceptible, infectious, or recovered model. COVID-19 data for many states and countries are widely available online. This provides an opportunity for the students to analyze its spreading kinetics remotely. Here, we reported a laboratory set up online during the third week of the spring semester of 2021 to minimize social contacts. Due to the wide interest in developing online physical chemistry and analytical laboratories during the pandemic, we would like to share this laboratory design. The method, technique, procedure, and grading are described in this report. The student participants were able to apply the kinetic techniques learned in physical chemistry to successfully analyze an ongoing real-world problem through a remote learning environment and prepare this report.