The structure-function relationships of insulin-like growth factor 1 Ec in C2C12 cells

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© 2018 Taylor & Francis. Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) is a crucial growth factor, that regulates skeletal muscles development during cell growth and repair. Recently, its alternative splicing variant, named IGF1Ec, also named mechano-growth factor (MGF), has gained attentions as a new damage repair factor. However, the structure-function relationships of IGF1Ec have not been fully clarified due to contradictory reports. In this study, we systematically investigated physiologic responses of C2C12 muscle cells to IGF1Ec, IGF1 and MGF E peptide. Our data indicate that while the N-terminal sequence of IGF1Ec, which is homolog in part with IGF1, promotes proliferation; the C-terminal sequence of IGF1Ec, which is identical to MGF E, promotes differentiation and migration of C2C12 cells. Our results suggest that MGF E cannot completely replace all the functions of IGF1Ec on muscle repair and regeneration, and elucidate the relationships between structure and function of IGF1Ec.