Kinetic Model under Light-Limited Condition for Photoinitiated Thiol-Ene Coupling Reactions

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© 2018 American Chemical Society. Thiol-ene click chemistry has become a powerful paradigm in synthesis, materials science, and surface modification in the past decade. In the photoinitiated thiol-ene reaction, an induction period is often observed before the major change in its kinetic curve, for which a possible mechanism is proposed in this report. Briefly, light soaking generates radicals following the zeroth-order reaction kinetics. The radical is the reactant that initializes the chain reaction of thiol-ene coupling, which is a first-order reaction. Combining both and under the light-limited conditions, a surprising kinetics represented by a Gaussian-like model evolves that is different from the exponential model used to describe the first-order reaction of the final product. The experimental data are fitted well with the new model, and the reaction kinetic constants can be pulled out from the fitting.