Microbial ingress and in vitro degradation enhanced by glucose on bioabsorbable Mg–Li–Ca alloy

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© 2020 [The Author/The Authors] Biodegradable magnesium alloys are challenging to be implanted in patients with hyperglycemia and diabetes. A hypothesis is suggested that glucose accelerates microbial ingress and in vitro degradation of Mg–Li–Ca implants. Corrosion resistance and mechanical properties was demonstrated using electrochemical, hydrogen evolution and tensile tests. The bacteria from Hank's solution were isolated via 16S rRNA gene analysis. The results revealed that Mg–1Li–1Ca alloy exhibited different responses to Hank's solution with and without glucose. The solution acidity was ascribed to Microbacterium hominis and Enterobacter xiangfangensis, indicating that glucose promoted microbial activity and degradation and deterioration in mechanical property of Mg–1Li–1Ca alloy.