Investigation of pitting corrosion initiation and propagation of a type 316L stainless steel manufactured by the direct metal laser sintering process

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© 2019 NACE International. Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) is an additive manufacturing process that utilizes a laser to sinter powdered metal to make geometrically complex parts. However, components made by DMLS are believed to be more vulnerable to corrosion due to the presence of residual porosity, as well as laser-induced microstructural deformations. This research focuses on the evaluation of the pitting corrosion resistance of Type 316L stainless steel manufactured using DMLS. The microstructure of the DMLS samples was also compared to specimens annealed to eliminate laser induced scan tracks. Profilometry, compositional analysis, and quantification of the corrosion resistance were performed, before and after the corrosion pitting resistance test, per ASTM G48 Method A (ferric chloride pitting test).