A New Era for Space Life Science: International Standards for Space Omics Processing

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With the rise of commercial spaceflight and prospective human missions to Mars, a wider health range of humans will enter space for longer spans and at higher exposure to environmental stressors than ever before. Numerous adverse health effects have been observed in space, including bone demineralization and skeletal muscle atrophy, among others. Scientists across the world are conducting space omics studies to develop countermeasures for safe and effective crewed space missions. However, optimal extraction of scientific insight from such data is contingent on improved standardization. In response, we founded ISSOP (International Standards for Space Omics Processing), an international consortium of scientists who aim to enhance guidelines between space biologists globally. This paper informs scientists and data scientists from many fields about the challenges and future avenues of space omics and can serve as an introductory reference for new members in the space biology discipline.