A POSHE-Based Optimum Clip-Limit Contrast Enhancement Method for Ultrasonic Logging Images

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© 2018 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. Enabled by piezoceramic transducers, ultrasonic logging images often suffer from low contrast and indistinct local details, which makes it difficult to analyze and interpret geologic features in the images. In this work, we propose a novel partially overlapped sub-block histogram-equalization (POSHE)-based optimum clip-limit contrast enhancement (POSHEOC) method to highlight the local details hidden in ultrasonic well logging images obtained through piezoceramic transducers. The proposed algorithm introduces the idea of contrast-limited enhancement to modify the cumulative distribution functions of the POSHE and build a new quality evaluation index considering the effects of the mean gradient and mean structural similarity. The new index is designed to obtain the optimal clip-limit value for histogram equalization of the sub-block. It makes the choice of the optimal clip-limit automatically according to the input image. Experimental results based on visual perceptual evaluation and quantitative measures demonstrate that the proposed method yields better quality in terms of enhancing the contrast, emphasizing the local details while preserving the brightness and restricting the excessive enhancement compared with the other seven histogram equalization-based techniques from the literature. This study provides a feasible and effective method to enhance ultrasonic logging images obtained through piezoceramic transducers and is significant for the interpretation of actual ultrasonic logging data.